With the contuning lockdown many artists are delaying their new releases, especially if they still have a large CD/vinyl market (Deep Purple and Bon Jovi to name but two). However, there is still plenty of new music and here are a few for your consideration –

Jessica Lynn releases her new single ‘Run To’ on April 24, with an accompanying video due in May. She’s already played the Outlaw stage at the Ramblin’ Man Fair and this new song is a mix of power ballad with a country tinge. She has a soothing, melodic vocal and you can see why she is regarding as a rising star in country circles, although she has appeal to a wider audience, certainly with this daytime radio friendly tune.

I’ll admit I have fallen behind on Joe Bonamassa’s prolific output (he’s already released an all instrumental album under the Sleep Eazys name this year), however I am glad I reconnected on this new song, lifted from his new album due later this year. Loving the guitar on this one. Bodes well for his new album and a mighty fine rocker to keep his fans happy for now.

‘A Conversation With Alice’ is available now to stream from all platforms via –

Couple of charity singles up next, both raising funds for the NHS Together Charities. First up, Rob Cottingham of Cairo has done a wonderful duet with his daughter Kerry. Simple keys and vocals arrangement that works beautifully.

Rob explains more behind this cover – “So – my daughter, Kerry, and I were going to perform an acoustic support at Cairo’s gig last month in Milton Keynes, and we were all disappointed not to be able to run the gig.

Since then – needless to say – the world has pressed the pause button, so we decided to do the duet on one song between two different locked down households and send it out to everyone, using a comb; tracing paper and my best audio and video efforts! Kerry’s vocal and video was recorded on her mobile phone at her home, and sent through to me, and I literally warbled straight into an SM58 mic and played the piano.”

You can download the single via Bandcamp

The Darker My Horizon release their latest digital single ‘Carpe Diem’ on April 24. Novel idea for the video which features the band and some of their fans, all filmed whilst under lockdown. Great band, great song and great cause – get downloading and streaming folks…

Vega have been around for awhile now and have their latest album ‘Grit Your Teeth’ due out in May on Frontiers (pushed back a month from April). ‘(I Don’t Need) Perfection’ isn’t too bad a song, not one of their best to be fair but still a band whose new music I always look forward to hearing.

Bad Touch release the second single of their new album ‘Kiss The Sky’, due on June 19. Nice bit of Black Crowes/Blackberry Smoke vibe and you’d think this band hailed from the US, not Norfolk, UK! Do check out vocalist Stevie Westwood’s daily isolation sessions via the band’s Facebook page. He does Bad Touch songs and lots of interesting covers, a little daily treat in these wwird times.

Marlin’s Dreaming hail from New Zealand, focussed around lead vocalist and guitarist Semisi Maiai, who is also the band’s main lyricist. I have played this a few tyimes but have to admit defeat as it is not connecting with me in anyway. Still, if you like serious minded indie pop check them out.

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