First, last and always…

A feature on albums and these will be answered by fellow music lovers, music industry figures and musicians. It is the same set of questions to each person…

First…album you bought (excludes any ones gifted by relatives at Christmas when younger!) and why

Last (or latest)…decent album you heard and why

Always…an album(s) you always come back to listen to and why

Fellow reviewer, music PR and blogger Darren Johnson’s response can be read here and his selections include Slade, AC/DC and new band Toledo Steel

Music PR man Dave Clarke’s selections can be read here and they include the Cult, My Baby and Duran Duran

Bill Leslie presents his weekly the Rock That Time Forgot on Astro Radio and it is well worth a listen. When not rocking out he is a keen runner and knows his rock music…


Well the first album I can ‘remember’ buying is Slade Alive. Got it for 10p at a village jumble sale when I was 10 or 11 I guess. Good condition too… gatefold sleeve with all those quotes and the cartoon! The why bit is easier… I loved Slade as a kid. From the age of about 3 my Dad would buy all of the Slade singles as they were released. From the early 70’s Polydor hits right through to the Barn era singles that would either scratch the charts or fail to register. Wish I still had them!

Latest Decent Album…

I can offer you a few here. 2016’s been a good one so far…. Spiritual Beggars latest “Sunrise To Sundown” is excellent. Got that classic 70s feel to it. Canadian band Monster Truck and their recent “Sittin’ Heavy” is also on regular play at the moment too as is the self-titled album by Lugnet. Really looking forward to the new Chris Robinson Brotherhood album too which is out in the not too distant future.

An always album…

There are more than a few in this category! Whitesnake’s “1987”, Iron Maiden “Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son” and that aforementioned Slade Alive album of course are all desert island discs of mine. A more obscure pair I’ll offer are Waysted’s “Save Your Prayers” and Black Crowes “Warpaint”. Of more recent stuff that keeps getting played I’d name the three most recent Europe albums… “Last Look At Eden”, “Bag Of Bones” and “War Of Kings”. I love what that band are doing at the moment. The last two Blackberry Smoke albums too… “The Whippoorwill” and “Holding All The Roses” are destined to be with me a long time too!

And a plug…..

Well you can hear all these bands and many more on my radio show “Rock That Time Forgot” only on every Saturday night at 10pm UK time. Astro Radio is a fairly new station broadcasting on the internet worldwide and on FM in Canada, New Zealand and Holland. The unique thing about Astro Radio though is it combines music – predominately rock music – with astronomy and space content. The stations key people are those behind the Solarsphere Festival and the radio station offers that same mix of astronomy and music.

Rock That Time Forgot is my show where, basically, I play an hours worth of stuff that I want to play! My aim though is to get listeners to remember bands they may have forgotten or perhaps hear again a deep cut or old b-side from more well known bands. I try to avoid anything obvious though so don’t expect Smoke On The Water, The Boys Are Back In Town or Comfortably Numb in my hour!

Of course, with the broad spectrum of rock music there is always the chance someone may discover a band or artist they’ve not heard before too… I hope that might be the case. I’ve certainly discovered new (and new old!) stuff just by following links on the internet whilst doing research and there are occasional new tracks in the mix too. This Saturday’s show for example (Show no. 23 – 14th May) offers up an Iron Maiden deep cut and something by Ozzy but also has new tracks by Mob Rules and Vardis alongside Steamhammer, Orange Goblin, Hardline tracks and a few others. A right old mix of classic rock, melodic rock, stoner rock, traditional metal… and of course this weeks Space and Astronomy news!

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