Guitarist Jeff Summers of Weapon UK, the Loudshirts and Mick Underwood’s Glory Road, also formerly in Statetrooper, talks about a couple of songs that mean a lot to him…

WEAPON UK dates –

17 Jan The Cavern, Raynes Park, London

20 Jan Cancer on the Rocks (Macmillan Cancer charity concert) Nantwich Civic Hall, Cheshire

As a guitarist and songwriter I have always listened to many forms of music. The first guitar orientated band that whispered (roared) in my ear is Deep Purple. Although I love many of their songs, the live version of ‘Highway Star’ from their multi platinum selling ‘Made in Japan’ inspired me like no other. The sheer hard rock brilliance of this piece has everything that is great about the genre. Subject matter, composition, attitude, excitement and brilliant musicality rarely seen before or since. This all topped off with an extraordinary vocal rock n roll performance.

When I was very young, I heard a song which fired up my imagination and continues to do so today. Glen Campbell’s delivery of Jimmy Webb’s ‘Wichita Lineman’ is that song. Campbell’s beautifully understated delivery of this perfect melancholy melody still inspires me to try and write something as brilliant as this nearly 50 years later. The perfect song and performance.


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