Alphabet Backwards are a blissful indie pop band. Full disclosure though, as I found out about this band as the lead singer James Hitchman works in the same office as me! His vocals work well with Steph, especially on the wonderful ‘Am Dram’ (they have the quirkiness of the Divine Comedy, always a good sign in my book) and the single ‘Oh Me, Oh My’. The latter really is one of those musical rays of sunshine that lifts the spirits.

Another key element to the band’s sound is the keys playing of Bob Toms, be it a nod to Supertramp on ‘Elephants’ or the piano on ‘Settle Down’, another song that should be all over daytime radio.

This album came out in 2018 and I strongly suggest you check it out on Bandcamp, along with liking them on Facebook – they even have a MySpace page 🙂

An album that focuses on melody first and foremost, chock full of songs that put the bounce back in your stride. Marvellous.

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