Chances are if you like melodic rock Tony Mills would feature somewhere in your collection, either on a Shy album or the years he was with TNT (2006-13). Then there are his solo albums and numerous albums that featured his singing talents including China Blue, the Docker’s Guild and Serpentine to name but a few.

Back in my school days I recall buying Shy’s ‘Brave The Storm’ album on vinyl (which I still have) complete with its free t-shirt (which I think meant it was disqualified from the album chart!). The hair on the band! But what a great set of songs and I became a fan, following Shy and Tony Mills musical career from then onwards.

He was very approachable and kindly did one of the first email 10Qs I sent out to various rock musicians back in 2002 as part of the Classic Rock Newswire I ran at the time. This then morphed into Get Ready To Rock! and Tony continued to happily take part in email interviews and one phone interview back in 2011. That was good fun and he chatted about everyday life after the main interview. One of my favourite phone interviews.

He was diagnosed with terminal cancer in April of this year and died on September 18 2019.

RIP Anthony Paul Mills 07.07.1962-18.09.2019

2002 email 10Qs

2005 email 10Qs

2007 email interview

2010 phone interview

2011 interview

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