Farewell the iPod Nano and Shuffle

Apple has announced it stopping production of the iPod Nano and Shuffle. The increasing use of smartphones and streaming music has seen them become obsolete for many. Not me though, as I have both – the Shuffle for running and listening in bed at night and the Nano, for other wanderings around. I don’t use streaming outside of my home’s WiFi as I don’t have a big data allowance on my phone. Not everyone does and I like have music I like, not these endless crap playlists Spotify keep plugging. I do like creating playlists on Spotify, although you can spend ages compiling songs and then not listening much to them!

They are being replaced by an iPod Touch with storage capacity of 64GB and 128GB.


I would imagine the Nano and Shuffle will return at some point in the future, albeit as a nostalgia trend. It could be like the recent surge in cassette sales driven partly by the ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ soundtrack. Until then I will keep on playing music via my iPods.


  1. Goes to show that once we get used to listening to our favorite music a certain way, the techno-gods dump it in exchange for something else. Despite the increased popularity of vinyl in recent years, the vast majority of people got rid of their turntables years ago, and many have jettisoned their CD’s and MP3’s in exchange for just streaming music on their mobile devices, meaning fewer and fewer are buying music. Also, an increasing percentage of new vehicles are no longer equipped with CD players, which nixes that means of listening to our favorite music that we’ve either purchased or burned onto a CD. It’s frustrating, but change is eternal.

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    • Very true. You can perhaps see smartphones and streaming music being usurped at some stage in the future. The iPod may make a comeback but doubt the Walkman ever will. Can’t believe how heavy and cumbersome they are, yet when they first came out having portable music was a real ‘wow’ moment.

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