How are you all getting on? What a mad time we live in! I’ve got a couple of very exciting things to announce so I thought I’d send you a little mailout. Thanks as ever for your continued support of my phenomenally daft career choice.
Exciting news – new subscription pages! I’ve been asked a lot over the last few years to put together some online video lessons, tabs and other stuff so here it is. Announcing my Patreon page – subscriptions for £6, £12 or £18.

£6 – Just The Performances
For those of you who are followers of me but not banjo players…this tier entitles you to two exclusive performance videos a month, one video a month looking in-depth at a song/tune and occasional perks like first listens, Q&A and giveaways

£12 – Banjo Tabs
All the above plus two banjo tabs per month of various difficulties

£18 – Banjo Heaven
All the above plus video lessons to accompany each tab plus two exclusive videos a month spoitlighting a particular area of banjo technique

Head over to www.patreon.com/danwalshbanjo and subscribe!
UFQ have been hard at work in the absence of touring and we too have an amazing subscription zone which you can find here full of all kinds of goodies: exclusive tracks, photos, videos and lots lots more. Even more excitingly, we have a new video out.

We have a brand new remix of band favourite Boat Up The River for you, called Waterbound. It’sby our friend Josh Wunderlichand I can say with some confidence that this is not what you will expect. Let’s just say it’s a genre we’re not exactly commonly associated with…

We’ve also built a new web tool that enables absolutely anyone to have some fun with our music, which we really hope you’ll enjoy playing with. And for the more tech-savvy, aspiring-producer-types amongst you we’re making our multitrack audio files available for download, for anyone that wants to get creative with them.

You can listen to Waterbound right now by following this link, where as well as the track, there’s a video message from me, explaining all of this new stuff slightly more eloquently:
Just to remind, my skype lessons are also still avilable! This is something I’ve been doing for a good eight years now and thanks to the wonders of the internet I’ve taught people in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Norway, Germany and here in England! Get in touch if you fancy a lesson – more details on the teaching page of my website: https://www.danwalshbanjo.co.uk/teachingandoutreach/

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