STORMZONE Ignite The Machine (Metalapolis Recordes 31.07.20)

Formed in 2004 by vocalist John “Harv” Harbinson, this is Stormzone’s seventh album and follows the band’s path of mixing traditional metal with power metal. Indeed the closing song on here ‘This Is Heavy Metal’ nicely sums up the band’s musical manifesto and is a proper headbanger. Elsewhere, ‘Dragon Cartel’ features a tasty guitar trade off between Steve Moore and Dave Shields, touch of Thin Lizzy on this one. ‘My Disease’ is a cracking piece of metal, highlighting the vocal power of “Harv” Harbinson.

Stormzone keep it loud, yet melodic producing another fine album and one that will hopefully get them the wider recognition they deserve.

Kent-based ‘blues stained’ hard rock act Gallows Circus have a myriad of influences; from the power of Zeppelin through the melodic genius of Thin Lizzy, onto the modern blues-rock of Rival Sons and the hard edge of Soundgarden, Gallows Circus manage to make a sound all of their own.

‘Hell’s Whiskey’ is the first taste of the band’s upcoming second EP (due September 2020), not bad at all and looking forward to hearing more from them.

New UK single from US band Girl Skin, a band steeped in that lovely folk/harmony filled sound that even adds in a bit of country. Their new album ‘Shade Is On The Other Side’ is out on August 28.

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