Interesting one this EP from Martin Briley which popped up on my ‘Recommended For Today’ on Spotify. The EP says it is from 2008m, but further investigation (and to be honest the sound!) reveals it was recorded back in 1983! He’s been a session musician for Meat Loaf and written songs for the likes of Night Ranger and Pat Benatar.

Of the four songs, his one big hit ‘Salt Of My Tears’ is featured as the original full version and an acoustic version. Pop rock bliss ensues on ‘Hi-Rise Love Affair’ – like the Motors meets Glen Burtnick, an excellent song. ‘Nothing’ rounds off this four song EP and again a classy song. An artits I will be investigating further and suggest you do too.

Queen drummer Roger Taylor continues to release new music (do approach the song with goalkeeper Peter Cech with caution though). His latest song ‘Isolation’ is one for the times, with his soothing vocal and uplifting lyric. Carry on Roger!

Semisonic have a new EP ‘You’re Not Alone’ in the autumn and have just released the title track. It has been a mere nineteen years since they last released new music, having split in 2001 and only reforming back in 2017. So good to have them back and a strong song to come back with.

Big Foot were one of the many bands who rode in on the Nu Wave of Classic Rock, sadly after releasing their highly enjoyable self-titled debut album in 2017, they rode off again never to be seen again. However, guitarist Sam Millar is back with a new six track EP ‘Radio Gouda’. As he was one of the main songwriters in Big Foot he is no stranger to songwriting, taking a more radio friendly melodic rock route on here. With bands like H.E.A.T., Night Flight Orchestra, Work Of Art, One Desire et all all mining a popular seam of 80’s inspired melodic rock/AOR, Sam Millar sets his guitar to riff and goes all pink ‘n’ fluffy.

‘Forbidden’ is a bouncy number, recalling Mitch Malloy in his prime complete with a Darkness style riff. ‘Let It Rain’ mixes a guitar punch with a smooth chorus, nicely done, whilst ‘Sober’ unleashes the rockier side of the EP, albeit H.E.A.T. rock. ‘Levi’s’ completes the EP and another uplifting anthem. Let’s hope gigs return soon as Sam Millar will be great fun live I am sure based on this EP.

Impressive Mr Millar, not Big Foot that’s for sure, but high quality and memorable melodic rock/AOR.

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