THE DOWLING POOLE video premiere today

​Online premiere of ‘Deep Breath’ featuring your footage – Friday 29th of May
The Dowling Poole – May 28, 2020 20:01 BST
Greetings one and all!On Friday night, the 29th of May, between 7-11pm, the online premiere viewing of ‘Deep Breath’ will be held at the ‘Birthday Fundraiser Event’ for the Nottingham food banks hosted by our friend Paul Swift.
You can join the Facebook group event and see your footage featured in the video that you have sent in over the last couple of weeks, and also enjoy contributions by a host of other artists by joining this Facebook group.
Please come and join us and if you can afford to chip in a couple of quid for the food banks of Nottingham that would be great! Of course, if you’re struggling yourself and need every penny – no matter – come join us anyway.See you tomorrow night!!
Love,Willie & Jon

The Dowling Poole‘s third album ‘See You See Me’ is out now, available to purchase directly from the band, via digital platforms and in record stores.

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