In praise of the album

Maybe the album is a dying art, although many artists keep releasing them and classic albums get various anniversary re-issues with add ons. Back in the 80s I was always a fan of the shuffle on the CD player, although my school friend and fellow music fan, always said albums should be played from start to finish (something he still does to this day!). I am now firmly in that camp having recently taken up another three month offer from Spotify.

Previoulsy with such offers I either played suggested/my own playlists or best of’s. However, this time I am playing albums in full (many of which I only have still on original cassette).

I have already enjoyed again delights such as Boston ‘Third Stage’, Lou Gramm ‘Ready Or Not’ (Midnight Blue – what a song!), Paradise Lost ‘One Second’, Marillion ‘Clutching At Straws’, Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band ‘Night Moves’, Pink Floyd ‘The Division Bell’ and some newer albums from Litte Red Kings and the new Dennis DeYoung album.

Whilst we have a little extra time during lockdown, grab those headphones and immerse yourself in the wonder of albums, enjoying the music contained within. Feel free to post recommendations in the comments section.

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