KIERAN CONAWAY releases his new album Your Ghosts on June 6

“I see performers creating glorious live shows for crowds who are enchanted, and making studio recordings that have the potential to last a very long time. The possibility of contributing to that is inspiring, because it’s a clear directive,” says Nashville based Kieran Conaway ahead of the release of his debut album ‘Your ghosts’ on June 6th, via his own label Buoy58.

Inspired by the troubadour spirit of artists like The Tallest Man On Earth, Bob Dylan, Glen Hansard, ‘Your ghosts’ is an amalgamation of country, Americana and alternative folk that sees Kieran doff his cap to the work of previous artists, whilst creating his own unique and introspective sonic landscape.

A multi-instrumentalist, in every sense of the word – Kieran lets his technical ability on a variety of instruments bleed into one another to create a unique, cohesive sound palette on his debut record.

The final product is eight songs of uncompromising artistry that sees Kieran look outward at the world on tracks such as ‘The road to something’,  is a driving piano-led lament to “the forgetfulness of a new culture and the abandonment of tradition – one leaves great things to decay while seeking better things which may not exist.” Other tracks see Kieran galvanised by his own personal life. The stunning and epic  ‘She is the words she meant’ showcases Kieran’s songwriting ability as he tackles the end of a relationship, and looking back at it objectively.

Lead single ‘Norway’ “depicts confusion of relentless relocation, separation from roots, hostility of environment, part individual narrator and part historic,” says Kieran – and showcases his virtuosic guitar playing. “I started playing guitar 14 years ago, all self-taught alongside formal training in other instruments, but they only overlapped quite far along. Choice in guitars usually comes down to the song, but my Gibson WM45 acoustic has been around for everything – it has a huge dynamic range and an especially vicious low end.”

For a debut album, ‘Your ghosts’ is a mature and intelligent collection of tracks, and mark an impressive start to Kieran’s career. Kieran is excited to tour the album around release across the US and the UK for his first ever live shows, with dates to be announced soon.

 ‘Your ghosts’ track listing:
1. Norway

2. She is the words she meant

3. Anegada
4. Greymare City

5. The road to something

6. Get well soon

7. This is enough

8. Warmer

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