MILTON HIDE – debut album news

The results are in!

We had some great suggestions for the name for our first album and can now reveal the chosen name is………..
  Temperature’s Rising!
We’ll show you the album artwork before too long!

Thank you SO much to everyone who has supported our Crowdfunder project so far. We are a third of the way to our target and have 13 days to go so we would really appreciate it if you could spread the word for us – tell your friends, share the link on social media and share some of our posts on social media (we’ve been REALLY busy!)

Our album will happen – we have started recording – but we still need to help to realise its full potential. Have a look at our video below to see how excited we were on our first day in the studio.
Here’s a short video showing just how excited we were to be going into the studio on day one. We’re keeping a video diary of the whole process.
Thank you
If you haven’t yet been to the Crowdfunder page to support us, here’s a quick video guide of what to do (if you want to, no pressure!)
When you go to the Crowdfunder page, you can just donate if you like, or if you click the SUPPORT US button, you’ll be able to choose from all of these different rewards.
– CD hardcopy. Pre-order the Album!. £12 or more Album
– Digital Download. Pre-order a download of the album in full!. £8 or more
‘The Nest’ – pack of greetings cards. A pack of 5 greetings cards featuring the image of Josie’s lino cut print of “The Nest’. £8 or more Digital poster artwork
– We’ll supply you with digital artwork of one of our Milton Hide posters for you to give to your favourite poster printer. £10 or more Garden Party Concert at Pickhams – Join us in the beautiful gardens of Pickhams in Wilmington, East Sussex on Saturday 22nd August 2020, 2pm. £10 or more Album Launch Ticket  – A ticket to the Album Launch event at the Grove Theatre in Eastbourne on Saturday July 18th 2020. 
£12 or more Birdsong Tour of Milton Hide (the place) – A guided 2 hour group walk to Milton Hide in Wilmington Wood (East Sussex, UK). Thursday 21st May, 2020. 8pm – 10pm. 
£15 or more Album – Signed CD. We can sign the CD cover for you – even add a dedication if you want! £20 or more Album – with limited edition hand printed sleeve. We’ll hand-print sleeves using one of Josie’s original lino cuts for a very limited quantity for this album. 
£30 or more VIP Launch Event – A VIP ticket to the Album Launch event in the Grove Theatre in Eastbourne on Saturday July 18th 2020 PLUS a signed copy of the album. 
£30 or more T Shirt! – Be the proud owner of a Milton Hide T shirt featuring ‘The Nest’ artwork by Josie Tipler. 
£30 or more Signed Lino Cut. An original lino cut print by Josie Tipler of ‘The Nest’, mounted ready to frame. £40 or more
Personalised Milton Hide Song – We’ll personalise the lyrics of a verse of one of our songs and send you a video of us performing it.  
£100 or more
Milton Hide Appearance at Your Event – We’ll join you at your event – birthday party, private dining, celebration, etc – and perform up to a 60 minute concert of our own songs.  £150 or more
House Concert – We’ll come and play in your living room – invite your friends and we’ll give you a great evening of entertainment.  £180 or more.
In the next few weeks we have 2 gigs up in Hastings, one in Havant and one in Hove plus Bluebell Roots and a South London gig – have a look at the website for full details. 
We hope to see you soon.
All the best,
Jim and Josie
Milton Hide
We have a new NEWS page on the website on

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