Five bands I would like to see reform

This post I originally wrote back in 2016 for the Rock ‘N’ Roll Oatcake and I have updated it below…

Top of that list for me has to be Journey reuniting with Steve Perry. Perry has changed his stance to ‘never say never’ and Carlos Santana could prove a unlikely catalyst to this happening.

Update – Steve Perry returned with a new studio album ‘Traces’ in 2018 and there is talk of another album and maybe some live shows. Neal Schon tours with Journey Through Time who include former Journey members Greg Rolie and Deen Castronova.

Slade, one of the few 70’s rock bands with all the original members still with us. Not likely I know and we do have Dave Hill and Don Powelltouring as Slade II, but wouldn’t Noddy Holder and Jim Lea fancy just one more gig maybe? I doubt it sadly.

XTC were down just to Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding by the time they called it a day. A falling out between the two seemingly put paid to any more XTC, however with Steven Wilson adding his sonic magic to the XTC back catalogue could the two make-up?

Update – Colin Moulding & Terry Chambers played four sold out gigs in 2018, however since then Colin Moulding stated he was leaving performing & making music to spend more time with his family.

Semisonic – great band on album and live. Made a brief splash in the late 90’s/early 00’s then stopped. Dan Wilson does his solo thing, maybe time for a new Semisonic album/tour?

Update – Semisonic reunited for a couple of shows in 2017 and released a twentieth anniversary edition of their album Feeling Strangely Fine last year.

Skagarack, okay not top of may people’s lists being a relative obscure Danish melodic rock band. But given the interest in 80’s rock and recent reunions the time is right! Frontiers Records make it so.

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