Two recent eBay bargains… first up the 2015 album from the Darkness ‘Last Of Our Kind’. It was the only album to feature drummer Emily Dolan Davies, who was replaced by Rufus Taylor (son of Queen drummer Roger Taylor). It made the UK album charts no.12 – topping the Up rock chart –  and US charts no.125. Not bad at all, based on the loose concept of a Viking invasion of East Anglia it is suitably OTT. Not as strong as their classic debut album, but an album worth owning.

Had this one on cassette and now picked up a CD copy of ‘Yoyo’ by Bourgeois Tagg. This was the second album (released in 1987) by the band formed by Brent Thomas Bourgeois and Larry Tagg. If like me you love a bit of hi-tech 80’s synth pop rock – like the Police jamming with Go West – it is an album worth investigating further. The album made the US charts at no.38

In the review pile is Becky Mills, who has a new album ‘Tall Tales and Home Truths’ out on April 26. Eleven songs written by her and it is a wonderful folk album, highly recommended. Journey’s new double CDD/DVD package recorded at Tokyo’s Budokan in 2017 when the band performed the ‘Escape’ and ‘Frontiers’ albums in their entirety. Enjoying the CDs and will set aside a couple of hours to watch the concert DVD.

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