These are a few albums passed to Get Ready To Rock! for review which won’t make the site as a review, however seems a shame they don’t get a mention given the work put in by the artists and labels. So in the first of a regular series of round-ups here we go…

Judith Owen releases ‘redisCOVERed’ an album of covers [released 25th May], mainly rock ones from the likes of Deep Purple and Soundgarden, done in her own style – a mix of piano and jazz. It will doubtless appeal to those familiar with her music, plus the novelty factor of doing rock covers. She has a strong vocal and the version of ‘Black Hole Sun’ is well worth a listen. However, it is just a little bit to jazz for this listener. One for trivia buffs…she is married to Harry Shearer aka Derek Smalls of Spinal Tap fame.

Gretchen Peters releases ‘Dancing With The Beast’ on May 18th. She has a classic country vocal and the songs to match, with heartfelt tales sung masterfully by her. The lead track below is a good example of what is offer on the album –

Angel Air release two albums on June 8th. First up Nick Hooper’s ‘6 Strings’, which he self-released in 2015 and now gets a wider release. It is an album of gentle acoustic tunes, some based on traditional folk tunes, from a talented guitarist. Perfect musical backdrop for chilling out to. He made his name in film and TV soundtracks including ‘Harry Potter’.

Edwin Starr’s recording output between 1985 and 1986 is released as ‘Soul Singer’. In 1984 he signed with the newly launched Hippodrome Records (formed by club owner Peter Stringfellow and singer songwriter David Martin). Released for the first time on CD this is one for lovers of Edwin Starr and early 80’s disco. Those ‘parpy’ synths on some songs really do sound annoying all these years later though!

Issa released her latest album ‘Run With The Pack’ via Frontiers. This time Issa has hooked-up with songwriter and producer Alessandro Del Vecchio, who knows how to pen and produce a good tune. If you liked Issa’s previous albums chances are you will like this one, however I personally am not a fan of her singing – sorry Issa! ‘Sacrifice Me’, a duet with Deen Castronova, is an album highlight – like Journey singing with Heart.


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