Liv Sin new EP ‘Inverted’ released 25 May


Liv Sin were formed by Liv Jagrell when Sister Sin disbanded in 2015. This three song EP is a little different as it sees the band going acoustic, with ‘Black Heart’ taking on a whole new groovy blues sound, especially in the guitar playing. ‘Killing Ourselves To Live’ of the ‘Follow Me’ album originally featured a guest vocal from Destruction frontman Schmier. On this new version it is just Liv’s vocals backed by strings and piano to creating a haunting melody.

Different and enough here to tweak the interest of those not familiar with Liv Sin.

”With ”Inverted” we wanted to take the opportunity to do something completely different and explore another side of the band. The idea at first was to do a stripped down acoustic EP, but the creative process took us somewhere else. I have to say that this was quite the challenge but when we found every songs own identity, they took on a new life and went in different directions. This is a completely new territory for us and we are very proud of this EP” says Liv Jagrell.

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