Fifty Gigs In A Day – ACCEPT

Adding a bit of metal are Accept who play London’s KOKO on February 8th. They will be kindly doing a social media post on the day.

JAN 16 Haus Auensee Leipzig · Leipzig, Germany

JAN 17 Huxleys Neue Welt · Berlin, Germany

JAN 19 Zentrum Strohofer Geiselwind · Geiselwind, Germany

JAN 20 Zlin, Czech Republic

JAN 21 Budapest, Hungary

JAN 23 Milano, Italy

JAN 24 Zurich, Switzerland

JAN 26 Barcelona, Spain

JAN 27 Madrid, Spain

JAN 28 Bilbao, Spain

JAN 30 Saint Etienne, France

FEB 1 Elysée Montmartre Paris, France

FEB 2 Saarbrücken, Germany

FEB 3 Lausanne, Switzerland

FEB 4 Frankfurt, Germany

FEB 6 Eindhoven, Netherlands

FEB 7 Antwerpen, Belgium

FEB 8 KOKO London

FEB 9 Oberhausen, Germany

FEB 11 Copenhagen, Denmark

FEB 12 Oslo, Norway

FEB 14 Gothenburg, Sweden

FEB 15 Stockholm, Sweden

FEB 17 Turku, Finland

FEB 18 Helsinki, Finland

FEB 23 St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

FEB 24 Moscow, Russia

FEB 26 Yekaterinburg, Russia

FEB 27 Samara, Russia

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