Here Is The News…010118

Back in 2002 I used to run a Yahoo Group the Classic Rock Newswire, a daily summary of rock news. Now I am doing something similar to draw together news from bands/musicians I like and using the title of the classic ELO song for a name for it. Not overly original but hey… It will be occasional this time around, not daily!

First off happy new year đŸ™‚

Andy Poole is leaving Big Big Train. The band will continue with the 7-piece line-up of D’Virgilio / Gregory / Hall / Longdon / Manners / Sjöblom / Spawton alongside our brass band. An 8th Train will join us for live work. We will announce a UK warm-up gig ahead of the Loreley show soon.

The Darker My Horizon release a five song EP ‘Phoenix’ later this month. It features four re-recorded songs from Sacred Heart (the band Paul Stead and Mark Stephenson were in before TDHM), plus a cover of ‘Knocking On Heaven’s Door’.

Voodoo Vegas start work on their third studio album due for release later this year.

The artist formerly known as Holmes (now called Roy) has a rather good new EP out.

The ever busy Tim Arnold has another new release coming soon… Sounds To Pictures, Volume Two:

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