Looking for your support

From my work colleague, please give him a listen and some support if you can…

As you might know, outside of work I am quite heavily involved in music. My latest exploit as of the beginning of this year has been busking around the streets of London with my guitar ‘Alex’.

I am currently trying to raise enough funds to be able to get back in the studio to record another single, and I am looking for your support! Please check out my Prefundia page below where you can read my story, learn more about my upcoming crowdfund, and also watch and listen to some of my previous work and music videos.


I realise it may not necessarily be your bag in terms of taste in music, but this will really help me getting a step closer to fulfilling one of my goals this year.

‘If you want to go fast go alone; if you want to go far go together!’ – Anon

Don’t worry, I am not asking for any money at this stage J – only that you take a few moments to read my pitch and provide your email address in the email field on the page. This will notify you once the crowdfund actually goes live, and you will then be able to donate in support of the project if you feel led to support me.

Thanks for reading this.


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