MIKE PETERS & THE ALARM announce new single & album

‘There Must Be A Way’ is the first single to be taken from the highly anticipated and brand new album ‘BLOOD RED’ (due on May 5) heralds the start of an epic year for Mike Peters and The Alarm. Not only is there a new album, UK and US tours but also a BBC TV documentary ‘Being Mike Peters’ and a film ‘Man In The Camo Jacket’.


Movie trailer for ‘Man In The Camo Jacket’: –


The Alarm began life in Wales, and tells a story unlike any other, an unlikely tale epitomised by an initial breakthrough in the USA with 1983’s IRS Records release ‘The Stand’. Upon returning to the UK, The Alarm announced itself to the British nation via the BBC’s Top Of The Pops and the evergreen ‘Sixty Eight Guns’ that smashed into the charts soon after.

Enormous success followed, with The Alarm appearing before 26,000 fans at their own ‘Spirit of ’86 Concert’ in Los Angeles, transmitted around the world to millions via MTV’s first ever live global satellite broadcast.

In the summer of 1991, the demands of the road were at the heart of a very public swan song for the original members at London’s Brixton Academy before a new line up emerged from the wreckage in 2000. The current (and now long established), Alarm line up features the ever present Mike Peters (who has led the band throughout), Mark Taylor (keyboard player since 1985), guitarist James Stevenson (Gene Loves Jezebel / The Cult), Craig Adams (Sisters of Mercy / The Mission) on bass guitar and finally Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros sticks man Smiley on drums.

The modern era for The Alarm proved to be equally tumultuous, causing worldwide controversy in 2004 through The Poppy Fields ‘fake band’ escapade. Released to conceal the identity of the real musicians, the Alarm’s first single of the millennium – ’45 RPM’ would ultimately take their signature electro-acoustic sound back into the UK top 40.

The true identity of The Alarm was eventually revealed on Top Of The Pops and instantly triggered a rush of global media exposure, culminating in a US TV appearance on the CBS Headline News program fronted by Dan Rather. (The story of the Alarm’s audacious chart break in, went on to become the inspiration for classic cult movie ‘Vinyl’ starring Phil Daniels (Quadrophenia and voice of Park Life by Blur), who also guested on the band’s soundtrack album of the same name released simultaneously in 2013).

The Alarm’s return to prominence was halted almost immediately when, in late 2005, Mike Peters was diagnosed with an incurable cancer (A rare B-cell form of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia), forcing the band into playing select shows only, that would be dictated by the chemotherapy / treatment regime that has kept Mike Peters alive ever since.

In January 2006, the group continued with the release of ‘Under Attack’ which was bolstered by another Top 30 record in the shape of ‘Superchannel’ and ‘Never Give Up Without A Fight’, that crystalised everything that Mike Peters and The Alarm has stood for since their 1981 debut 7” – ‘Unsafe Building’.

A year later The Alarm song ‘Strength’ would give its name to the Mike Peters founded Love Hope Strength charity which is dedicated to ‘Saving Lives – One Concert At A Time’.

Through registering people to the international bone marrow registry at music concerts and festivals, Love Hope Strength has (to date), signed over 150,000 people to the list and located over 2,500 life saving matches for individuals suffering (like Mike), from blood cancer and who need a transplant for a second chance at life.

As a result, The Alarm and their legion of fans have learned to be adaptable, as Mike Peters has travelled from relapse to remission and back, searching out ways that allow his and the groups legacy to continue via solo acoustic, one man and full band Alarm experiences that reached a zenith with 2015’s landmark Mike Peters and The Alarm Concert at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff.

Mike Peters & The Alarm 2017

March 31 – April 5       Amdocs Festival – Man In The Camo Jacket

April 22                        LA Gathering / Camo Jacket Soundtrack Record Store Release

April 29                        NYC Gathering

May 3/ 9                      “Being Mike Peters” Transmission – BBC Documentary UK

+ Half Hour Performance Concert from The Gathering 2017

May 5                          Blood Red UK Release


May 6                          Portsmouth, Wedgewood Room

May 11                        Manchester, O2 Ritz

May 13                        Glasgow, O2 ABC

May 19                        Cardiff, University

May 20                        London, Electric Ballroom

May 26                        Bearded Festival

May 27                        Mello Festival

June 8                           Isle of Wight Festiva

June 14 -23                  BY YOUR SIDE WALKhttp://www.byyoursideappeal.org

June 24                        SNOWDON ROCKS

July/Aug                       USA TOUR – 40 Dates!

Sept                             Launch of Mike Peter’s musical OXY



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