Curl A Mo byMick Flinn Band

‘Curl A Mo’



In 1970, in Melbourne Australia, a young Mick Flinn who was the lead singer/ bass player of the pop group The Mixtures, visited a clairvoyant by the name of Stevo for a Physic reading. On meeting Mick, Stevo said she was getting strong feelings that he was connected to bicycles and wouldn’t give up on it, until he remembered that he had recently been in the studio recording a song called The Pushbike Song.

Stevo predicted that the song would be a huge success and went on to tell him that he would travel to England and it would change his life. As Mick was starting to feel quite sceptical about her predictions, she then proceeded to tell him “you must write a song called ‘Curl a Mo’, it will be very successful”. Not knowing what she was talking about, Mick asked what does ‘Curl a Mo’ mean? She explained that “in the olden days, men grew large handle bar moustaches that they would wax and curl and when they twirled them it meant that everything would be alright.

The Mixtures were touring Australia at the time and just for fun, put The Pushbike song into the live act and the response from the fans was phenomenal so much so that the recording company decided to release it, not knowing anything about Micks escapade with Stevo. Unbeknown to The Mixtures, at the same time, their record producer had taken the song back to England with him just to play to friends, Polydor records heard it and wanted to release it immediately in the UK.

The record was an instant success, and in January 1971 Mick and The Mixtures were asked to come to England to appear on Top of The Pops, and the record went to the top of the charts all over the UK and Europe – Stevo was right! If fact many other of her predictions also came to fruition.

Mick then started thinking about writing “Curl a Mo” but didn’t get anywhere as the quirky title didn’t seem to fit with a pop song in the early 70s. For the next 20 years Mick tried writing the song but to no avail, until in 2013 Mick was asked if he would become involved in spreading the word and help raise money and awareness for the importance of PSA testing on men of 50 years and over. The Charity is called The FOPS, Friends of Prostate Sufferers. One day the Chairman asked Mick if he had heard of the Australian Prostate Charity who encouraged men to grow a ‘Mo’ during the month of November calling it ‘Movember’. This is when the penny dropped! CURL A MO FOR MOVEMBER. The lyrics and the melody followed instantly and he couldn’t write quick enough, and so the song that was predicted 44 years ago, ‘Curl a Mo’ was born.

Mick sent a demo of the song to Movember who said it was totally awesome and encouraged him to release his message to the world. So with the amazing help of his good friend and top record producer Andy Wright and his Mick Flinn Band they have done just that and “Curl a Mo” will be released worldwide for downloading from iTunes, Amazon and all other download sites during the month of November 2016. All proceeds from the sales and downloads of the record will go to Movember.


The current state of men’s health is in crisis. Too many men are dying too young; on average four years younger than women. For men this isn’t good news. We need to talk about it. We need to act.

Movember, the month formerly known as ‘November’, launches its 2016 campaign to Mo Bros and Mo Sistas across the nation, encouraging men and women to sign up and grow a Mo, commit to Move or throw or go to a Movember event to raise funds for men’s health and stop men dying too young.

Our fathers, partners, brothers and friends are facing this health crisis, and without people talking, taking action and giving money, nothing will change.

Grow a Mo, save a Bro
The moustache is the Movember Foundation’s ribbon for men’s health. Use it to raise funds and stop men dying too young.

Sign up to grow your moustache for 30 days. Want to take your Mo to the next level? Sacrifice your beard, auction off your face to the highest donor or dye your Mo a different colour every day. Mo Sistas, get behind the Mo Bros in your life, or get a little creative. Anything to attract attention and raise funds.

Move – get active for men’s health
Raise funds for men’s health while you do something good for your own health. Sign up to set yourself a Move challenge. From the big (racing to the top of the tallest peak around, riding 300 kms in 30 days) to the brave (facing the fear of learning how to swim) to the slightly silly (working out in costume or having an office dodgeball tournament). Move is all about pushing yourself to reach your personal best.

Host an event
Throw or go to a Movember event. Any excuse for a good time. Events are a great way to have fun and raise funds for men’s health. Anything goes. Register to host your own event, or take a look at what’s on in your area. Head along and make a donation to stop men dying too young.

Choose how you’ll get involved and get your friends, your family or your workplace on board. Spread the word, start a conversation, and raise money for vital men’s health programmes. Have fun, do good.

Owen Sharp, Movember Foundation CEO says: “There is a lot being done, but it’s not happening fast enough to have real impact. The Movember Foundation is uniquely placed to address the crisis at a global level. By engaging with men where they are, and understanding what works best, the Foundation is helping make change happen sooner, before it’s too late.”

The Movember Foundation wants our men alive, well and enjoying life.

With money raised, the Foundation has funded over 1,200 game-changing programmes in prostate cancer, testicular cancer and suicide prevention around the world, whilst positively challenging the way in which men’s health issues are researched and addressed.

Join the fight at and sign up or donate to help stop men dying too young.


Author: The Rock 'N' Roll Oatcake

A keen reader and lover of music plus of course my lifelong support of the mighty Potters, Stoke City! Enjoy running and the odd bit of fundraising.

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