Albums of the year to date…

Well it is June and if I don’t keep a rolling top 10(ish) I often forget gems come the year end lists.

Been a good year so far and these ten are my personal faves to date:

  1. BIG BIG TRAIN Folklore – more excellent folk/prog from BBT.
  2. FROST* Falling Satellites – classy progressive music with a distinctive pop edge.
  3. DAN REED NETWORK Fight Another Day – excellent return and good mix of their classic sound and some more modern twists.
  4. CHEAP TRICK  Boom Zoom Crazy…Hello – they are back and as good as ever. Possibly their best album since their mid-80’s heyday.
  5. INGLORIOUS – very assured debut album, hard rocking blues.
  6. TOSELAND Cradle the Rage –his vocal is slightly weird, damn fine tunes though.
  7. THE DOWLING POOLE One Hyde Park – quintessential quirky pop rock. Superb stuff.
  8. CIRCUS MAXIMUS Havoc – had low expectations on this one and was proved wrong. Harmonies galore and massive hook filled songs.
  9. TAX THE HEAT Fed to the Lions – saw them supporting Kansas and was impressed then. Strong debut album, blue, rock, modern rock – just grab a listen.
  10. LEFT WITH PICTURES After Life – chamber pop is the musical handle of this talented combo. Classical arrangements, moving lyrics and singing, what’s not to like?


  1. I’m loving the new Cheap Trick and Tax The Heat albums and I’ll be checking out the rest of your list. You should have found a place for Magnum’s latest masterpiece though – maybe a top 11 list is needed 😉


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