Tim Arnold Scores Single For New Iggy Pop Film

If you have not heard any of Tim Arnold’s work start with this song and then pop over to his website. His latest album, ‘The Soho Hobo’, I reviewed last year and can highly recommend.

‘Money Kills Love’ is the new single from UK solo artist Tim Arnold. The track is taken from forthcoming movie Blood Orange starring Iggy Pop, for which Arnold also wrote and produced the theme music. The movie will be screened at cinemas across the UK from May 2016. The single is out on 3rd June 2016.

The song echoes the movie’s central theme of one man facing his own mortality. The title ‘Money Kills Love’ is a line taken directly from the screenplay, spoken by the lead character Bill (played by Iggy).

Arnold also took inspiration for the song from Iggy’s own words during his acclaimed John Peel Lecture in 2014. Arnold said, “It was such an important message I thought it would be crazy not to have it in a song. Iggy said, “If who you are is who you are then that is really hard to steal”. The idea of protecting your individuality, no matter what the risks, resonated with me. It’s a sincere statement.”

After writing the instrumental theme music for Blood Orange, in which the brief was create a piece that reflected how a composer might feel if he was writing his last opus, the film’s producers informed Arnold they also wanted a song that did the same thing.

Arnold said, “I didn’t have a hook to hang Money Kills Love on, so watched the film again. During a speech delivered by Iggy in the film, when he’s imparting his worldly wisdom to a young man, he concludes with the words ‘Money kills love, boy’. It struck me that if you only had three words to pass on to someone before you died, money kills love would be a good choice.

Arnold drew further lyrical inspiration for the song from the late David Bowie. Arnold said,Over the years, I heard Bowie say a couple of things in interviews that stayed with me so I decided to use them. The lines are “You can neither win nor lose if you don’t run the race” and “Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming”. Bowie was still alive when I wrote the song. Now it’s very dramatic to sing the words at the end of the song.

Oliver Briginshaw, the director for the video for Money Kills Love, also picked up on these Bowie quotes. Arnold said, Oliver saw that I had become three different characters in the song, which is why I end up splitting myself into all three toward the end of the video: the victim, the perpetrator and the witness.”

Iggy Pop and Tim Arnold will both perform at the Isle of Wight Festival 2016 on the Main Stage and Hard Rock Stage, respectively, on Saturday, 11th June. Blood Orange will be screened at the festival on the same day.

Iggy Pop talking about Tim Arnold’s music

Blood Orange – Official Trailer

Blood Orange – Website


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