The PIXIES – Doolittle

Funny how certain pieces of music or an album in this case, remind you of certain times in your life. This album I remember buying on cassette (and have just picked up on CD some 27 years later!) during my management trainee days at WH Smith’s in Leamington Spa. Around the time of this album’s release I was enjoying a mini-indie revival listening to bands like REM, the Stone Roses and some of the better Madchester wave of bands like James and the Inspiral Carpets.

This album though was a blast to the old ears from the opening song ‘Debaser’ – the vocals of Frank Black wouldn’t sound out of place on an extreme metal band. They produced a lovely melody to back the dark lyrics of ‘Wave Of Mutilation’ and of course it includes the hit ‘Monkey Gone To Heaven’.’ What I love about this album is not only the loud/quiet mix on many of the songs (an influence on many grunge bands in the 90’s), but the fact they could do a song like ‘here Comes Your Man’, a song with a rock ‘n’ roll twang to the guitar sound.

An album that deserves a place in your collection.


Author: The Rock 'N' Roll Oatcake

A keen reader and lover of music plus of course my lifelong support of the mighty Potters, Stoke City! Enjoy running and the odd bit of fundraising.

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